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3. Fatherhood: Favour the Essential

Have children they said. It will be fun.
3. Fatherhood: Favour the Essential

The following blog contains personal experiences of fatherhood. Experiences may differ based on the baby model you were delivered (unfortunately, you can’t ask for nice features like “good sleeper” or “not too groggy around 6pm”).

You will have no time. Your sleep will be shot. You will have poopy diapers everywhere. You won’t be able to watch interesting science videos on YouTube on your Saturday mornings anymore. You will feel like you’re going through sleep deprivation training. No more sleeping in. Your schedule is now fully dictated to you. You might even feel ready to tackle Seal training after that.

If you plan on getting any personal work done, it will have to be a conscious decision. All your time will be accounted for. Realistically, you will have a couple hours a day at most by yourself. It has varied from 4-5h from 0-3 months to around 2h from 3-6 months for me. These are spread out over early morning, before anyone is awake in your family, or in the evening, after everyone is sleeping. You will get a couple extra hours on the weekends, but weekdays will feel like a blur. You may need to review your goals and remove the unessential ones. Optimizing and revisiting your priorities will become a daily, almost hourly task. You will now have to consciously set aside some time to unwind. A few times a week, I can watch a bit from my favourite YouTubers, read, meditate or stare at the wall (arguably a form of meditation too). Some say that parenting also brings beautiful experiences. It does. There will not be many. Savour them...because poopy diapers are right around the corner.